Outdoor Session 2: White Rock


Saturday, April 14, 2018; 7:00 am

Meeting Place

Target (Paseo Del Norte) Parking Lot, northwest corner
(6100 Paseo Del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113)

Session Activities

Review past skills (as necessary)
New skills:
● Clean sport anchors
● Go hands­free with mule knot
● Extensive discussion regarding lead belaying, with possible practice
● Top rope climbing

Pre-session Preparation

Study the Cleaning Bolted Sport Anchors section of the handbook and view the demonstration.

Study the Getting Hands Free While on Belay or Rappel section of the handbook and view the demonstration.

Review the handbook for previously taught skills.

Climber-Rating Qualification Form

All skills, with exception of 5.3 (Lead belay), 10 (multi­-pitch), and maybe one of 9 (demonstrate
cleaning sport anchors) should be signed off.
The entire class will be at this Saturday’s session. The approach will be shorter than Lower La  Cueva, but still a hike while carrying community gear. Good shoes will be required for scrambling on boulders. It is anticipated that Qualification Form sign­-offs will be completed by early afternoon, and everybody will have an opportunity to rock­-climb at the crag.

What to Bring

* All: Bring your helmet, personal climbing gear, climbing shoes, lunch, water, rain jacket, extra layer, headlamp, pack large enough to also carry communal gear, appropriate hiking shoes
* Students: Bring your Rating Form to all sessions; Be prepared to demonstrate all of the knots and skills; Please contact your Leader, Tim, or Brian with any questions


From our meeting place, we'll break up into carpool groups and head to the crag.  We'll be visiting the New New Place in White Rock.